Recommended Flowers for Your Garden During the Summer Season

Gardens add value to any home. Whatever time of the year it is, they can be kept beautiful and alive by planting different flowering plants that are suitable for each particular season. During the summer months, you can grow certain flowers that can survive the hot and humid climate. The following are some examples:


Native to Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa, Madagascar, and other tropical and subtropical parts of the world, gardenia is a type of flowering plant that is known for its powerful sweet smell. It is one of the most commonly cultivated garden and house plants, and some of its species can produce very large sized buds. Because it thrives in areas with high levels of humidity and bright light, it is a perfect choice for a garden plant once the summer months kick in.


A type of bushy flowering plant that is native to Mexico, dahlia is known for its leafy stems that extend between 30 centimeters and 2.4 meters. Its flowers come in vivid colors and hues but do not have any smell. It comfortably grows in tropical regions, so you can cultivate them in your home garden once you have finished working on your garden fences with the use of an impact driver from Drills and Drivers (see To ensure that your dahlia plants are healthy throughout the season, watch out for pests like snails and slugs, and have pesticides ready to eliminate those as soon as possible.


BougainvilleaCharacterized by its thorny stems and branches, bougainvillea is a flowering plant that is native to Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and other South American regions. It is a vine species that can grow up to 12 meters tall, with leaves that are 4 to 13 centimeters and length and 2 to 6 centimeters in width. It produces flowers in clusters that come in pink, red, orange, yellow, white, magenta, purple, and other bright colors. Even though it is not prone to pest attacks, you should still examine it closely for any signs of aphids, worms, and snails to be able to get rid of them before major damage is done.


An Old World type of flowering plant that is common in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Mediterranean, and some parts of Asia and Europe, lavender is a versatile plant that offers a lot of uses. It is one of the more popular ornamental flowering plants used for landscaping and gardening, and it is also known for its essential oils that can be used for culinary (condiment, tea, pastries) and medical purposes (aromatherapy, ointment, lotion).