What Kind Of Wine Cooler Is The Best For You

Well many people have this question in their minds and today we will try to answer this question. All the shiny features and technical gimmicks aside, the choice of wine coolers boils down three types of models.Dual-Zone Wine Cellar

  • Single Zone: Required for storing only one type of wine. These usually come with a capacity of 8 to 11 bottles. These are good if you prefer only one kind of wine and drink occasionally.
  • Dual Zone: This is the choice of true wine lovers. These come with a larger capacity of 16 to 30 bottles. Two temperature zones to store two types of wines hence they are named dual zone coolers.
  • Built-in Coolers: These coolers are for those who have a space crunch in their homes or apartments. These coolers are installed inside the kitchen cabinet and manage to look classy while saving a lot of space.

These basic pointers will help you start your search in the right direction. Make sure to read some reviews (the site Cooling Wine is pretty good), buy one and enjoy perfectly chilled wine whenever you want.