How To Decide On An Air Bed For Your Home

If you are reading this article that means you have decided to buy an air mattress. If this is your first time buying one, it would pay to know some basic facts about these mattresses. The information will not only help you make a better choice , but also will save you from paying a large amount of money for something that does not fit your needs.
There are 3 critical factors when it comes to buying air mattresses, size of the mattress, the style of pump used and the profile of the bed (and we already showed a perfect way for cleaning). Each of them has different pros and cons. Keep reading to find about them in detail.

Built In Pump Or External Pump:

Some air mattresses come with built in pump and some with external. Built in pumps are actually faster to use and some models can be inflated or deflated in under a minute. But these beds tend to cost more hence if you have a cash constraint, going for an external pump air bed is not a bad idea, especially if you are going to primarily use it in your home. Built in pumps are also known for keeping the air inside for much longer than their external counterparts. Both types. will need a electric powered air pump system so keep a note of that as well.

Size Of The Bed:

This depends mainly on personal preference or needs. Modern air beds are available in a variety of sizes such as queen, king, twin, California king or single. Do keep in mind that larger beds will require more time for inflation or deflation. If you are planning to use your air bed outdoors, it pays to buy a slightly smaller version.

Raised Or Low Profile:

This factor is important to consider before going for an air bed. The raised air beds will give you the traditional bed feeling but if you plan to sleep toddlers on it, they might get hurt by rolling off the side of the bed. Low profile beds eliminate this problem but are a pain for the elderly or people with back or knee problems. Hence before buying the bed, carefully consider all aspects and then take out your wallet.

Air beds like Aerobed are beautiful pieces of bedding that provide you with a lot of comfort and ease. Most of them are washable and some even come with extra covering. Keeping the above points in mind, buy the ones that suits your needs and you will be thankful for your choice in the years to come.